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    34 year old Brazilian woman boarded a bus to Paraguay without informing family. Just as the bus crossed the border into Paraguay they stopped at a rest stop. Unsuspecting to her a male and female waited for her and killed her.

    At least she got to go for that piss break.
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    Looks more like a beached whale to me...
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    The rare species of the small Brazilian Land Whale.
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    After period of "tranquility", the climate on the border between Brazil and Paraguay has reheated in recent days. After the execution of Ronny Pavão, the brother of drug trafficker Jarvis Pavão, in Ponta Porã (MS), it was now the turn of the murder of a woman identified as Eliane Aparecida das Nes, 34.

    She was shot to death by a 9 mm pistol on the border line between Brazil and Paraguay, in Pedro Juan Caballero. However, at least this time, the author was arrested by popular. The woman, who would be from Campo Grande, was accompanied by a man on a motorcycle, when he drew his pistol and shot several times at the victim, who fell on the spot.

    The suspect even fled, but was detained by popular and then arrested by Paraguayan police team. There are still no details about the crime, which will be investigated by local police.

    Just some info I found....
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    Looks like our chubby friend here has peed her fuckin pants while dying. :blegh:
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    /what are thoooose/
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    at least she made it to Paraguay
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    What a slob. :heckno:
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    Finally caught the swamp thing huh? No reward or straight to the taxidermist?
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    Investigated , my ARSE?:shanktoke::beatadeadhorse: