Two Dutch engineers die on burning windturbine

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  1. October 29 2013. Ooltgensplaat/ Holland.
    Two Dutch engineers (19.21) died when the windturbine they where working on caught on fire.
    In the picture one can see the silhouettes of the two guys standing between the wings moments before death. turbine.
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  2. MajorWhiteBoy

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  3. Maniac

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    Cool, I remember this from the news.
  4. AntiChris88

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    Safe&clean energy my ASS :p
  5. Laceration

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    The Dutch 9/11. :(
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  6. KarlAres

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    Good post! To bad for those engineers, their only escape route was on fire. Windmills has its downsides as anything else. They also produce a low frequency vibration that makes cattle disturbed in a radius of several miles. I'll put my money on coal man, makes the sky go darkish brown and everything will have a nice dystopian touch, like it should in this day and age.
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  7. Alice Ayres

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    must google how a windturbine catches on fire....brb.
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  8. Fishingformore

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    Could be the generator was wired wrong or the wine ding was bad.
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  9. NightMare

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    How horrible. A terrible way to die. :(
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  10. datdutchguy

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    wow thats brutal i havent watched the news for days so im pretty much unaware nice share! thats crazy.

    i think a shortcut mustve sparkled the fire what else can it be...but it can be anything from faulthy wiring to malfunction generators to the batteries...good luck reading about it. :D
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  11. Alice Ayres

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    i had no idea these things had an engine room or ran on a generator, or whatever. today, i'm a little bit wiser. thanks, google.
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