Man Kills Ex, Son & Family

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    A family had been having a nice and festive New Year's Eve party when the ex-husband and father of their 8 year old son crashed the party.

    He opened fire and shot everyone in the house that he saw. After shooting his son dead, the last person he killed, he then put the gun to his head and shot himself dead.

    The man and his ex had split 2 years prior and she had made accusations that he had abused the young boy.

    The man had made audio recordings of his plans to kill his ex, which he left behind for the police. He had also written some notes about killing his ex and her family. I'll add a translation of the audio recordings at the end of the last set of images.

    Campinas, Brazil, Dec. 31, 2016.

    Set 1.

    1. Killer's ex-wife and son: Isamara Filier and 8 yr old João Victor Filier de Araujo.

    2. Killer: Sidnei Ramis de Araujo, 46 years old.
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  2. DeathHand

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    The shooting probably started right away and the people at the party don't seem to have been able to escape the bullets.

    Three people managed to survive the carnage.

    Set 2.

    1. The ex-wife's house.






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    Set 3.

    1. Father-in-law.



    4. Dead son and father.

    5. The handgun that the ex used to commit the murders.
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    Transcript of one of the audio tapes that the man left for police.

    "To refer to the ex-wife, Isamara Filier, her mother and other women in her family, he only uses one word, all the time: "bitch." And reveals plans to kill them.

    "The more she distances him from me, the more hate I get from her and the less weight on my conscience I will have," he says in one of the audios, addressed to "the police officers," last modified on the 30th [Dec. 2016].

    At the beginning of this file, he apologizes. "I want to apologize even to the police, to the rescue. I'm going to cause a lot of trouble for you.

    "The original plan, it says in the archives, was to commit the crime at Christmas. "I tried to get the bitch at Christmas lunch and the day of my visit, so I would get as much of the family sluts, but as I have no practice I could not.

    At first, it seemed that he did not intend to kill his son either, since he directs letters to him and also speaks directly to the boy in the audios. But at one point, at the end of the recording "the cops," he seems to have another idea, when comparing himself to God.

    "Son, Daddy loves you very much. Judge what you want to judge, each one has his way of loving. Has not God crucified his son for the love of other children, as he speaks in the Bible? I will not let you suffer in the hand of this bitch no more, son.
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  5. DeathHand

    DeathHand Let It All Bleed Out

    Photos of most of the victims.

    Set 4.






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  6. DeathHand

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    Excerpt from one of the letters that the ex left behind."

    ""I am not afraid to die or be imprisoned, in fact I am already trapped in the anguish of injustice, in addition to what I imprison, I will have 3 full feeds, sunbathing, salary, I will not need to wake up early to go to work, Human right pulling my bag, but I will not lose 5 months of my salary in taxes.

    Dead I'm already, because I can not stay with you, see you grow up, enjoy life with you because of a feminist system and crazy ones. Son, make sure that it's not just the two of us who are going to fuck us, I'm going to take as many people of that family with me as I can, so it does not happen with another honest worker. Now you're going to call me crazy, but who's crazy? Who do I want justice for, or did she want her son just for her? That she did artificial insemination or went to fuck with a thug who does not like a son.

    In Brazil, children acquire microcephaly and die from corruption, male idiots die and kill for soccer, police and firemen die worthily by profession, young people of good sex die from cell phones, sneakers, selfies and idols, journalists die for the love of Profession, many poor people die on the floors of hospitals to keep politicians in wealth and power!

    I die for justice, dignity, honor and for my right to be a father! Actually we're all crazy, it depends on the need for it to surface!
    The bitch was cunning and inspired other sluts to do the same with the children, now the parents who will be inspired and end the families of the sluts. Women are afraid of dying at a young age.

    Taking advantage, I ask the friends who know of my disbelief, that they do not pray and for me, if they make prayers do for my son he yes will need! I want to be buried with my head down and make sure I can go to hell to get the old bitch (who was even a minister of communion in the church) who died before the hour. It took me a long time to kill her because I fell in love with a beautiful angel!


    She does not deserve to be called a mother, but unfortunately many sluts do everything that is wrong to distance the children from their parents and they succeed because the laws of this country are for bandits and thugs. The Brazilian justice is equal to the lewandowski, (a marginal who cleaned the ass with the constitution the day that took another bitch of the power) trash!

    If the presidents of the country are thieves, who will be for us?

    Son, I'm not macho and I'm not angry with women (these good-natured ones, I love them from the heart, I fell so much in love with a wonderful woman, Katia) I'm angry with the sluts that proliferate and every day benefiting from Bitch law of the rock!

    I can not say that all women are sluts! But all women know what sluts can do!

    Son I love you very much and now I will avenge the evil she has done to us! Especially you! I know what she made you cry in not letting you stay with me when I was going to visit you. Know that I will always love you! Every woman is afraid of dying new, she will go by my hands! "

    "(...) I was going to kill the sluts (I already had the gun and I scraped the numbering so as not to harm who sold me, she needed money.) Dead cop family does not receive so many benefits with the prison family. Are they being arrested for helping bad guys, huh?

    I know I was a slacker in not slapping her face, but I could not tell you my pretensions to ending her! It had to be at the right time.

    I want to get as much of the family slut together.

    Camp injustice has condemned me for something I did not do! I hope they are punished in some way.

    Enough !! She has to pay for what she did.""
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  7. zinfandel

    zinfandel The hair-flip of death

    That was one sick, sick man. I don't believe in a fiery, burning hell; but sometimes I wish there WERE one, just for jerks like him.
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    Not a flip flop in sight. Real shoes.
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    Would it be wrong if I said I really enjoyed his writing?

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    This thread is the bomb.:approved:
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    Sadly, this is just what can happen when folks split up and the wife trashes the husband and he's left to stew about it for a few years: wife is gone, probably with someone else, in-laws are talking shit about him and his kid/s are gone with no shared custody.

    Not saying it's right but it'd be enough to drive anyone, man or woman, insane. And that's what this guy did - went insane... psychotic...and his only way out was to kill her and those he felt were part of his ongoing 'tragedy.'

    Some men or women get over this type of shit and move on. Others snap.
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    Some creepy faces on the family pictures. He must have hated them all.
    And a great refrigerator they have (set 2,pic 3), want have, please.
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    I have one like that exact same color but with a water dispenser.
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    When people try and say Brazil is a beautiful friendly country....

    Feel really bad for the boy though. He had to watch his dad kill his whole family, waiting for his own death.
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    Saw one in a shop recently. Had taps for 3 different kind of drinks on the outside of the door and TV and internet screen. In red!
    Due IPv6 every electric toothbrush will soon have an own address and is playing itunes in the morning.
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    Well, damn.
  17. Fantasic

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    I feel like I can somewhat relate. I don't have hate for anyone in my family but the thought of planning how to go about killing my sister has crossed my mind a few times over the years. And If I did that I feel I would have to kill the rest as well just to save them the heartache(especially if I think I would get caught). Doesn't really make sense I know but that's how I feel whenever she really gets on my nerves.
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    Partycrasher - pretty sure it went down like this...
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    Im normally not a perv, but thats some serious headlights...!
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