Female Airforce Officer Killed by BF

Discussion in 'Murder & Genocide Images' started by sgrass, Mar 14, 2017.

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    Sweet, new one to me...:eek:
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    Her pants are undone like she's doing a necrotease. :rolleyes:
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    No story?

    Come ooooon.
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    sgrass never tell story. only cut/paste from dr site.
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    Well that's annoying. At least come with some material like DeathHand.
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    Since it's *soooo* difficult to provide back story, I found it.

    Air Force Officer Killed by Boyfriend Over Cheating

    "According to reports making rounds online, this young lady named "Oladipupo Solape" Popularly known as Shomzy Shomzy On Facebook got gunned down this morning by her young boyfriend who is also in the military in makurdi after suspecting her of cheating on him, Here is what one of her colleague Shared below: What Nonsense! So this Criminal finally Killed her, after all the Love; He felt she was double dating n shot her, RIP Shomzy Shomzy No no no no
    Beautiful Female Airforce Officer Shot Dead By Her Boyfriend Over Cheating (Photos) - Naijabazeline | Keeping You Updated"



    The asshole that killed her

    Was it that hard, motherfucker?
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    Nigeria even HAS an Air Force?
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    sgrass will never answer. I'm surprised that he/she didn't copy & paste the story I included on that other site along with the posted image, that he/she obviously didn't read: that's why I like to stamp what I post - to let others know that it's already been posted.

    Unfortunately, with this murder case, there were only 2 notable photos - the rest were all pics of the young lady and her bf.

    This is the other pic that officials released, showing a gob of blood beside a spent shell casing from the bf's rifle and another pic of the killer with his rifle.


  10. Dagmar

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    LOL just realized that first comment was sarcasm. On mobile, the stamps on the pictures are really small, I didn't even see that.

    Good stuff!
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