Dead women in pantyhose

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    Female corpse in pantyhose, stockings, tights and any others. Please feel free to contribute.

    A Thai airport girl was murdered. Her boyfriend stabbed on her back and left her body rotten in the wild.

    Unfortunately, most of online pictures are censored. I would highly appreciate it if you could provide more uncensored pictures!!!

    On 12th March 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand, a 28yo woman who worked for Don Mueang International Airport was found murdered and dumped in a remote field.

    She was wearing a short skirt above the knee, black stockings, underwear and a black long sleeve shirt plus a black leather belt. It's the airport's uniform.

    She has been dead for about 4-7 days and multiple penetrating wounds were found. The temperature was above 30°C all the time and the air was very humid - ideal for decomposition. Her body was in an advanced state of putrefaction and was so stinky when it was found - so sorry for such a sexy girl and her lovely body in pantyhose - she would not like those maggots digging her body. Due to her decomposition, it was too difficult at the scene to establish the exact nature of her injuries.And so, she was sent to the medical examiner for full forensic investigation.

    The discovery of her body was made by a 47yo man who pulled in off the road in his black sedan (a four door car with extended boot) to defecate and noticed a more overpowering stench so went to investigate. He called the police right away.

    Articles were found with the body: belt buckle, bracelet, an earring with attached ear cuff and other items.

    Huge thanks to Etsu for finding the following uncensored images.

    The news report:

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    Pantyhose, stockings, tights and socks make a woman hot, as well as her dead body. This thread is dedicated to those dead bitches.

    A call girl wearing a white pantyhose died in a car crash when she was hanging out with a guy.

    white pantyhose.

    white pantyhose2.
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  3. yuma

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    a dead girl found in a river. Another prostitute was strangled and left flotting in a river until her stinky bloating body was found. Nice black pantyhose...the feeling must be very smooth and tight.
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    Lesson? Don't give a shit.
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    Good pics in the first set. I definitely wouldn't hit that - she'd all cum apart...

    Thanks for the share.

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    Damn that is some stink in the first and third set.
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    She had gorgeous legs.
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    nice thread
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    A female victim of the 2004 Tsunami. That Indian Ocean earthquake triggered a series of lethal tsunamis on December 26, 2004, with fatalities reported in more than 285,000.

    I was delighted to identify that this victim actually wore a sheer pantyhose, which was possibly blue, even though her body was in a gorgerous state of decomposition. Her pantyhose was cut in order to show her sexy underwear. It is the most interesting thing to me that how would a woman's body and her pantyhose change during the process of putrefaction.

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    Yes, she was. But such a beauty now becomes sticky rotten meat.
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  12. yuma

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    Some follow-ups about the thai girl in the first post.

    What a shame for such a cute girl...She looked beatiful in her uniform.
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  13. yuma

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    Now her rotten face...
  14. Annihilator

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    I tried finding her fb profile but to no avail... there are too many ways to transliterate a Thai name.

    Good job.
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    Nice thread with some good pics
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    definitely not standard aviation uniforms but just a little oxy clean and your good to go On to the next.
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    I'd hit her, post-mortem.
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    She is now a rotten fuckin corpse. Just goes to prove that beauty is only skin fuckin deep.:lolnasty:
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    Whoa and I thought that it was her skin!