Dead Transvestites

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    Nelson Linares García was 34 years and was known by the nickname "The Minor " .

    A transvestite was found dead leaning against a tree which had eight bullet wounds in the body, is as unknown were between 20-25 years of age and identity of the murderers is unknown.
    a male person between 20 and 25 years old, who was squatting, leaning against a tree, had long hair with rays of yellow tint, with dress woman heels, same that had eight bullet wounds in the face, chest and arms.Next to the body of the deceased had several shell casings, without being unveiled caliber, also a cell phone was located and after performances law was sent to the local SEMEFO for necropsy will be effected rigor. Now, relevant research to the authority investigate the crime and the whereabouts of or murderers are made.

    upload_2015-12-3_13-33-45. upload_2015-12-3_13-32-7. upload_2015-12-3_13-39-25.
    No dead pics found, unfortunately
    transvestite Ruben Rolando Montenegro .
    Montenegro, who died this morning unable to recover from the gunshot wounds he received last Sunday in room accommodation hotel. "Ceci" Montenegro was admitted to the Regional hospital after being shot four weapon fire when he was with a companion in a motel of Route 1 and 1st Street in the San Fernando. The assailant was arrested during nap Monday. Ruben "Ceci" Montenegro could not overcome serious injuries on Sunday morning and died after nearly two days of agony.

    This is such a perfect picture, at first I thought it was fake... but believe me, it is 100% real

    Victim. Inert, leaning against the wall, was the young man who was killed with a firearm projectile in his own home by unknown assailants.
    Victim was shot to death a resident of fractionation Villa Florida, while two of his roommates were shot and wounded in an attack perpetrated by unknown individuals.

    The deceased, who was naked, wearing makeup and women's clothing, had a bullet in the head, while the other two injured, who apparently are also transvestites, had impacts projectile gun on the back, chest and a wound on line (grazed) in the neck, authorities reported.
    The fatality was identified as Anderson Hernandez, 17, who called himself the nickname Julissa and Brithany, neighbors and authorities reported.
    Tragedia en Villa Florida, hay un muerto y dos heridos. Ajustician a travestis
    fantastic video , shows other angles

    in the middle of a dump it was the body of "Gina", crashed into the concrete.They found her at 9:00 in the morning.
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    These guys have excellent surgeons. Building tits like that should get them to Beverly Hills.
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    That awkward momentnwhen you look at a dead trans.. and she got bigger dick than yours.
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    Nice post add. Thanks :)
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    Pretty tranny who loved to dress provocatively shot dead in field.

    wierd thing is the CSI undressed him/her

    Morte-de-transexual-em-Águas-Claras-pode-ter-relação-com-outro-homicídio-na-. 17309389_1296001960490259_1431490068052044036_n. 17353367_1296001917156930_1154065366812029907_n. e51c48a5-b121-479e-9664-a06e60b9271a. 87b05dc3-455b-4728-befb-f15b8b7b2fb8. 0f942281-9992-4d6e-99e5-46a80c8995e8. 54d818e3-0984-4708-9842-9ead11d4a8e0. 17328049_1060889994014950_1416125989_n.
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    Thanks for posting. Do you know the poor "girl's" name? That.
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    Well, they might have got dead because somebody who thought he was going to get lucky, stick his hand down her(?) pants and also found that out.
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    Hey man i dig that , that you have this whole set up when you go surfing Its like suiting up for a Swat Invasion.
    Speaking on trannys in Thieland, i saw on NatGeo that the trannys there, meaning the men have like the perfect bone structure to become women. In some cases youcant tell and theres a reason why they win every year some tranny show they produce on tv. Dude its halarious, they win lots of cash and excotic trips and shit. But if its in here then we all know its also very dangerious.
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    I am so sorry dude and I'm not saying you or anyone here...well let's keep that refrence open ...but if some Asian dude or tranny got's a bigger penor then you? then someone has some serious problems and needs a little chat at an penor doctor. True that and facts.
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    Lol...stop it DH its shit like that that stays with you. plus you wouldnt look good.
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    I repeat. I'd do her, uh, him, well it. Yeah, I'd do it.
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    These little shims look better than most fucken women.
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    what a big pussies :laservagina:
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    I love your original sick curiosity!
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    well look like they all got to show of there panties for the last time wonder if they thought about that when they got dressed that they wind up wetting them with piss
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    Not a bit shocking that they end up dead.