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    FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS - June 20th - 1993

    The town of Fort Smith was up to the normal on this day in June. The high temperature was 84°F and people were out gardening early and going to church this fine Sunday. It was a very beautiful day indeed. Everyone was carrying on their normal Sunday morning activities and were none the wiser to the ferocious horror that was about to unfold come the afternoon. No one in town was prepared to take on this great terror, especially on such a wonderful day. A family would never again be the same as well.

    Juanita Wofford was a regular attendee at the Phoenix Village Church on Towson Avenue. She would attend every Sunday morning with a huge smile on her face, love in her heart, and a warm presence about her. On this Sunday however, her fellow parishioners would notice some askew by her warm glow not being present during services. Fact is, they were worried about her and had decided for a few of them to go check on her residence. Being in a state of such alarm they made it to her house quickly, not that she lived far from the Church anyways. Upon arrival it was noticed that the screen door was ripped open and her front door was maniacally kicked in and shattered to pieces, torn from its hinges. Immediately the foul smell of spoiled blood filled their noses enough to automatically instill pure horror. Blood was covering the living room, it was everywhere. The walls, ceiling, furniture, and carpet was a mess of sanguine tragedy. Ms. Wofford's fellow church goers instinctively called the Fort Smith Police Department before they dared venture any further into the home.

    The Officers that arrived on the scene had no idea what grizzly sights the rest of the house had in store for them as they entered into the living room turned abattoir. Following a thick coagulated blood trail from the front room into the bedroom the men in uniform found Juanita Wofford's corpse sprawled out on the bed half nude with her floral print nightgown pulled up past her chest, posed in the position her killer left her in. She was savagely beaten and stabbed multiple times through her chest, arms, and head. J.C. Rider was on scene and noticed that she must have fought back because of the defensive wounds on her body. She had been raped as her attacker was draining the life out from bright shining star of a person. Her family would never be the same after this discovery of such graphic consternation.

    Investigating the crime scene were J.C. Rider and Levi Risley when together they discovered a path in her backyard that lead to the railroad tracks in the south side of Fort Smith near Jenny Lind. It was on these tracks that the investigators found a baseball cap. Inside the house they beheld a bloody footprint upon the sofa of the killer's shoe. Those were the only 2 pieces of evidence collected at the scene of the crime. The cadaver was sent in for further analysis which told another story of post mortem rape and a sample of DNA was able to be lifted from the nightgown she had worn that evening. The elderly Juanita Wofford had been appallingly killed the 19th of June on the Saturday evening before Church. Her smile and warmth still glows warm within the hearts of those who remember her, and it always will.

    The Fort Smith Police Department were frantically searching for any leads that would lead to this homicidal necrophiliac killer who preyed on the weak and would kill and rape them just for his own pleasure. The town was in a panic when the story was run in the local newspaper. Something came to the attention of an investigator J.C. Rider was working with and this could be a huge breakthrough. 2 months prior to the murder of Ms. Wofford there was another attack on the south side of Fort Smith only a mile or two away from the Wofford residence. It happened around the same time of night between the hours of 2:00AM and 4:00AM. The attack happened on an elderly woman who was also attended church regularly and she was legally blind.

    Lily Jones was a single woman who enjoyed a simple kind of southern life. She was legally blind and many neighbors looked out for her and helped her whenever they could. She was loved at her church and loved by all of her family. She was sitting at home one night watching television when all of a sudden she heard a knock at the door. Lily was slow to answer because of her condition at the time. The man at the door started yelling through the door, "My car is broke down. I need to use the phone". So with her loving nature in the decent neighborhood she lived in she went towards the door. She was approaching the door just a few feet away then the door fractured open into pieces from a kick on the outside. The shock took her the very second before the attacker knocked her down to the floor forcefully while beating her in the head. Lily fell unconscious. Lifeless seemingly dead to her attacker he pulled her to the back room and propped her onto the bed and commenced to rape her. After the beast was done with her he left without an incident. She came too after the fact and called 911.

    Sitting in the hospital, recovering from her attack, she was able to answer some questions for the police. According to her reports as far as she could tell that the man was large and "seemed familiar" to her. The investigators working the case had nothing to go on except for her statements and the DNA samples that were taken from her. Her case went cold.

    A couple of months into the investigation of the murder of Juanita Wofford, a 15 year old named Jonathan Keith Cole came forward to the police with information regarding the case. He was a known criminal informant and has worked with the police before. Alleging that a friend of his named James Danzig had admitted to him what he had done to Ms. Wofford and Ms. Jones. At this time the crimes were linked together in the media and the police were taking any tips they could get. This seemed like a promising lead because the information he told them about the crimes. James Danzig was then brought in for interrogation by the Fort Smith Police Department. After hours of intense questioning the police took a DNA sample from Danzig and then he started to laugh a little. Embarrassed, he admitted to them that he could not have been the guy. He denied his guilt throughout the entire interrogation. It turned out that James suffered from a medical condition that caused him to have extremely low levels of sperm in his semen. The condition is called azoospermia and it cleared his name after the DNA tests came back negative. The case was still cold and the investigation was no further than it was on day 1. The officers speculated that the information Jonathan Keith Cole had given them was just gathered from gossip and rumors around town.

    After hitting a wall with the last lead the canvassing of the neighborhood and all across town provided something fruitful in the form of statements made by residents about a man named Danny Ray Bennett. Various people were telling police that Danny would be out at all hours in the neighborhood and that he was a very strange character. According to statements, Bennett was known to walk the tracks that went behind Wofford's home and would always wear a baseball cap and usually carried a knife on him. The city prosecutor at the time Ron Fields looked into records of Bennett and found that he has been stopped numerous times late at night in the area of the murders. Danny's sisters came to the police and informed them that shortly after the first news appearance of the murder of Juanita Wofford Danny came to them asking them to dispose of a pair of shoes, a pair of jeans, and a knife. At the time he came to his sisters with this request his left arm was in a sling and that made the circumstances for Bennett even more suspicious.

    Detectives decided to explore this man a little more and got more statements from his sisters and his ex-wife. The tales were all too similar and told a story of a very hot tempered violent man that has been in and out of mental institutions his entire life. According to family and friends, Bennett was just not right in the head. His ex-wife went on to say that he was not capable of having normal sex. That he would want to do very unusual things during sex. It was then that the police took Danny Bennett into custody.

    Danny had moved to the north side of Fort Smith by the time the investigators caught up to him but they eventually catch him and bring him into the interrogation room. Thinking they totally have their man in question they interrogated him without mercy. It is noted that he was very solemn and quiet during the sessions as they stared into his dark eyes which seemed that they held no soul inside. He denied being involved in the murders in any way. He was given a polygraph test and failed and they linked hair from inside the baseball cap found on the tracks behind Ms. Wofford's house to his hair. Hours of interrogations mounted along with the tension and evidence against him. It was then that he told Homicide Captain J.C. Rider, "If you can prove I did it, would you please lock me away in a mental institution?". He then confessed to the police about the murder of Juanita Wofford and the confession was vivid enough to include the bloody footprint on the sofa. Danny Bennett was charged with rape and 1st degree murder. Danny said he also killed and raped Lily Jones. He was sent to a correctional facility to await trial.

    August 10th - 1995

    Danny Bennett was still sitting in a cell awaiting trial when police were called to the residence of Ruth Henderson in Crawford County, the neighboring county to Sebastian County. Officers at the scene came to a scene that was all too familiar to them. The front door was kicked in and they followed a trail of blood back to the back room where they found a body. She had been bludgeoned, stabbed, and raped. It was described as "overkill". Prosecutor Ron Fields called the detention facility that houses Danny Bennett to make sure he had not escaped and come to find out, he had not. Bennett was still sitting in his jail cell like he had every day since he was placed there. The crime scene was in essence identical to the other crime scenes they have experienced. The body was sent to the medical examiner for DNA samples and to be processed. With the necrophiliac butcher still at large the officials working the case called for Danny Ray Bennett's prompt release from prison.

    As soon as the release of Danny Bennett hit the newsroom and prints, the public were in an uproar and grew even more terrified because the maniac was still out there, stalking his victims, waiting, watching. It came out that Danny Bennett was a "peeping tom" who had been watching Juanita the night she was murdered and he wanted to have sex with her. He had entered the house to see the gruesome scene and see if he could collect anything of value. Bennett was an opportunist home invader and window watcher. He had slipped in the blood and hurt his arm while leaving and left the footprint on the sofa. Danny escaped the scene after realizing what had happened in the house and lost his hat on the tracks in his frenzied flee from the scene. The DNA results came back and did not match Bennett and at the time, the confession outweighed the DNA testing so testing was put on hold. Danny Ray Bennett was exonerated from the crime but it is only up to speculation as to why he had confessed.

    The case took a much unexpected turn when the name of Jonathan Keith Cole came back into play. AN anonymous source came to police after Jonathan bragged to him about abducting a 13 year old girl named from the neighborhood and took her to the railroad tracks and raped her, beat her with a rock, and then burned her body on the tracks. The informant went on to tell of how Jonathan went back the very next day with a hammer and crushed her skull into pieces and continued to crush her burnt corpse with the hammer. Police look into missing person files and found a report of a 13 year old runaway from the same area named Lisa Teague that was filed almost a year prior. The informant took the police to the spot where he was told the body was. Walking to the area the investigators essentially started finding teeth and bone fragments within the first few minutes that they were there. Cole was taken into questioning about the case when it was brought up that another female body was found raped, stabbed, and burnt in Pocola, Oklahoma near the racetrack not far from Fort Smith, Arkansas. The police are trying to pin all of the murders on Jonathan and took his DNA but there was no match to the 3 elderly women's murders. He was charged for the murder of Lisa Teague and the murder of 15 year old Summer Wilkerson in Pocola, Oklahoma. He is currently serving life in prison for the murders. The Fort Smith area now has to deal with having 2 serial killers on their hands and the case is growing cold with the initial murders.

    March 28th - 2000

    A 15 year old girl, Vickie Tambrook, was home watching a movie while her parents were out running errands and she gets a knock at the door. She answers the door to find her neighbor from a few houses down walks into her house. He asks about the construction work her father was doing to the house and asked if he could see it. Unknowingly and familiar with this man she allows him while she continues watching the television. The man comes back into the living room and sits next to her and makes her uncomfortable so she calls her parents but when she did, the man grabbed her and took out a knife. He started to shred her clothing off with his blade as he pushed her against the wall. Trying to fight off a man who was 220 lbs. was a fight for her life. He started to rape her when she grabbed his knife and plunged it into his gut. The assailant then grabbed her and through her to the floor, stabbing her in the upper chest. The raping continued as he yelled, "I am going to fucking kill you!” Her neck was being crushed by big hands around her neck, squeezing the life from her. Vickie's parents came home at that moment to find this brute of a man on top of their daughter with his pants down, still raping her, un-phased. The father started beating him to get off of her while yelling for his wife to grab his gun. Mr. Qualls takes aim at the neighbor's head and pulls the trigger only for the gun to jam. The only way to fend him off before he grabbed the knife now was to start hitting him with the cold steel of the gun. While he was fighting of the monster young Vickie mustered the life and courage left in her to run and call 911. Mr. Qualls had hit the monster about 20 times with the pistol before police arrived.

    Vickie and the man who is identified as Charles Ray Vines are rushed to the hospital. As the lead Officer on the case leaves towards the hospital he notices something very strange. Just about a block down the road he passes the house of Ruth Henderson. Everything is starting to click at this point.

    The following day, Prosecutor Dannie Phillips starts to build his case against Charles. He got a court order for a blood test for DNA. The DNA came back matching the oral and rectal swabs from the Ruth Henderson case. With that evidence presented to Charles at the hospital all that Charles wanted was a lawyer at that time. He was then cuffed and taken to the jail.

    After about a year Charlie contacted Capt. J.C. Rider and told him that he wanted to confess to the murders in exchange for the death penalty to be dropped. Illuminating the graphic details of the atrocities that occurred to all 3 victims prior to the young girl in Crawford County he slowly spilled his guts. He told of how he studied each victim with accuracy and pounced at the time he felt right. Charles Ray Vines was the son of the town's mortician and his father was the deputy county coroner for years. His parents drove Lily Jones to church since she could not drive herself and when Charlie got his license, he then drove her to church. Aunt Lily is what he referred to her as. He first seen Juanita when he helped move her neighbor's into their home next door and he noticed that she was weak and alone. A perfect target for a predatory monster. When he met Ruth Henderson he was with his father when they bought a tractor from her, she too was alone and weak and he nearly salivated over such an opportunity. When he confessed to the murder of Lily Jones he is quoted saying, "I knew she'd be easy."

    Charles Ray Vines was like any of your neighbors that you live next door to right now. A man who would gladly lend a hand to help you out and then invite you over for a cold beer and a BBQ could be the same man a few years from now that may decapitate 10 people and leave their bodies in a field. Friends described him as a very nice man and that they would never think that he could do such horrible acts. It is always the quiet ones you must watch out for. While he is busy being nice to you, in his head he is thinking about what it would feel like to kill you and then have sex with your corpse. His ex-wife said he was very abusive but yet he paid his child support and made good money as a construction worker. The oldest son of Vines was stabbed by his father at one point in time. You can never be too sure of who you live next too or who you have as friends. Anyone is capable of the worst forms of humanity. You never know what a person thinks in their minds when they smile to your face and help you every chance they get.

    Charlie explained that he loved to have sex with the dead and that was the only way he could be satisfied. He is serving a very long time in the Arkansas Department of Corrections thanks to a very brave young girl. The sickest people on this earth could be living right next door to you right now as you read this. Someone could very well be looking into your windows, watching, waiting for you to get done reading this article. You may even turn away from the computer to find the horror of the the next Charles Ray Vines staring you blankly in the face. You never know.

    Capt. J.C. Rider- "He likes sex with the dead. On a scale from 1 - 10, he is a 12."

    Thank you to the bravery and courage to the young girl who fought for her very life force to get this behemoth off of her and to make that 911 call. Thank you to her family for the courage. I am sorry to the victims and their families for what this man has done to you and I hope with my heart of all hopes that you may find peace in life. To all of you, who are ending this article, remember some of the ending words here. Do not be so quick to trust thy neighbor. For every 1 serial that is caught, there are 100 more still out there, free, and operating probably within an uncomfortable distance from you.

    "The horror attributed to acts of mankind is the greatest horror known to the universe"

    - J. Brown

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