Behading & Dick off

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    Located in the body of a naked man, was tortured, beheaded and castrated!

    An anonymous caller alerted police about a body corporate in the colony Contlalco Pyramids, in the canyon was located a man tortured, castrated and beheaded

    When the scene arrived elements Municipal Preventive Police and Public Ministry staff this Morelos Judicial District, to which also the Mexican Army arrived.

    The place was found viciously murdered man, since showed signs of torture and besides being decapitated cut his penis, the head was located about 20 meters from the body.

    The nude body with the naked eye had several stab injuries to the chest, according to the staff of the social representation that rushed to the scene of the crime, known as Rancho Viejo.

    The body, in Calidda of unknown, was taken to the state capital by employees of the Medical Examiner.
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    double beheading :-_^:
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    Viva Mexico! Must be the Aztec gene pool but Mexicans love to cut people up.
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    Something tells me he was alive when they cut his dick off...poor bastard.
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    Is there anyone who would like to watch an emasculation being performed on a person - for real ?
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    'the head was located about 20 meters from the body'
    And the dick wasn't found? Then the killers took it as a souvenir.