9/11 jumper aftermath, north tower limo entrance

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    That is seriously grim...
    Never seen those pictures before showing the jumpers piled up on the roof.
    I couldn't imagine and hope I am never in such a position where I had to choose out of 2 horrible deaths.
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    Yep, that was definetely a long fall. Better than be killed inside by smoke and fire. I suppose, maybe, maybe.
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    Great pics C_R never seen the gov ones before
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  6. Calgacus

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  7. Max Dalton

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    some really good pics on here
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  8. Cranky247

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    Man...I thought I had seen them all. Speechless...they're so sad...so desperate. I can't imagine the agony any of them went through. Blessed were those that were taken out where the planes hit.
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  9. pustulant prurience

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    It looks like his feet are on fire but I saw the video for that pic, and he's actually holding onto a table cloth. A couple people jumped holding onto cloths, I assume because they likely had it up to their mouths trying to filter out the smoke. The smoke is actually why a majority of people were hanging out the windows in the first place, they were trying to get gulps of fresh air & escape the intense heat. If you watch some of the videos really closely, some people are so desperate to get fresh air they are standing on the backs of other people hanging half out the windows.

    There was one guy, however, who jumped with a table cloth, holding it in both hands over his head in a pathetic effort, sadly, to make a sort of parachute. Or at least have something that would slow his decent so he might somehow survive the fall. Within seconds of jumping the wind tore the cloth from his hands & he plummeted to a splatter like everyone else.

    I don't think people realize the panic you feel when you suddenly can't breathe because of smoke. It's not the fire, or the heat, but the smoke that kills you. I was in a fire once, our neighbor set their kitchen on fire, & our apartments were part of the same building. I heard the smoke alarm in their apt. go off, so I ran out of our apt. & started up the stairs to theirs. Pitch black smoke came rolling down the stairwell at me as the woman opened her door. I was halfway up the steps when my breathing just seized up. The smoke was so caustic & acrid I could not even force myself to inhale. You're not still breathing, just breathing smoky air; you simply cannot inhale whatsoever. You know that panicky feeling you get when you're eating something & you suddenly inhale it & it blocks your windpipe, & you feel like you're choking to death? Same exact feeling. All I could do was spin around & make a mad dash for the outside. I went from trying to save someone to not giving a shit about them in a split second, that's how scary it is. I can't imagine what those people on 9/11 felt like, but I think I can comprehend why they jumped.
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  10. Sad day for America....These pictures show the desperation and panic of such a tragic day.
  11. Marmelo

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    Wish there was better quality and closer images :(
  12. Joz2

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    Nice thread.... sad though :ono:
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    Not seen some of these pics before, those poor people went through hell
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    Great posts....still enamored with this tragedy
  15. Ed_Gein

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    Can you imagine how bad your day must be going when jumping out of a building to your death is the best possible decision you can make?
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  16. Tooly

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    They went through hell at terminal velocity!
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  18. datdutchguy

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    very very old.
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    Even after all this time, and from the opposite side of the world, I still get chills seeing these pics. How awful to have to choose how u die
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    Go to work and before 10 am look like shit, come to think.

    :5stars: Tread.