GG video 1 Man 1 Jar Revealed

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    1 Man 1 Jar Revealed


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    That Him?
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    I Dont Get This Guy....Really.
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    ^ true why would you own up to that ?
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    And Reveal Your Fuckin Face After It,Like He's Proud Or Sumthin'.Ah,Why Bother :lol:
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    we want another clip whit 2 cups more .....

    Ugly dick...

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  8. he's squatting over a blood red rug, too.
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    Very ugly dick
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    Here is an interview I found.

    He’s the star in one of the most famous shock videos on the internet. Known as 1 guy 1 cup, the video has made many men squeeze their thighs tightly together, it’s made both men and women say – WTF? Now Alex, the man himself whose rectal opening is stretched enough to fit a large diameter glass jar up there opens up in an interview. If you’ve ever wondered what lead to 1guy1cup video, what happened after the glass jar exploded in the ass, how he dealt with it, and what he does now – read on.

    Alex is an extremely cool guy who did not hesitate to share his views with us. He’s originally from Russia but lives in Ukraine (in a city notorious as being the home to The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs). Ladies and gentlemen, meet Alex aka 1guy1cup.

    Interview with Alex aka 1Guy1Cup

    ####: Alex, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and views with me. Please tell us a little about yourself, how old you are, where you live, what you do, what you like to do, etc.
    Alex: I am 40 years old, my birthday is on March 13th. I live in Russia or more precisely in Ukraine and work as a manager. I like soccer, books and computer games (usually strategies or rally).

    ####: You got famous all over the world thanks to 1guy1cup video, even though most people don’t know who it is in the video. Does it make you happy you became such an internet celebrity?
    Alex: I’ll be honest with you, I truly enjoy this reputation. This is cool!

    ####: Did popularity of your video surprise you?
    Alex: Yes, I did not expect this popularity; It was a real surprise for me.

    ####: Looking back at popularity of 1guy1cup, have you ever come to regret leaking the video on the net?
    Alex: No, thus far not at all.

    ####: Would you do it again if you had accidentally filmed another “shocking” video?
    Alex: Yes, I will be doing it again, but without broken glass in my ass this time; I have been filming myself for a long time and have countless videos, many of them can be found on the internet, however none of them is as splendid as 1guy1cup. I hope you enjoyed some of my favorites I had sent to you.

    ####: Yes, I’ve checked them all out. Thanks for hooking me up with hours of extreme adult entertainment, Alex. I must admit, you are far crazier than I would have thought. 1Guy1Cup was an accident, but even other, no accident videos are beyond insane, and I’ve seen some shit in my life. Anyway, how did Guy1Cup make it on the internet? Did you upload it yourself? What prompted you to do it? How long after the actual incident (curious as to how long you were deciding whether to share it or not)?
    Alex: I did upload the video myself. I have been meaning to make my videos publically available for a while. 1Guy1Cup was filmed on August 21, 2007, but I haven’t published it until December 1, 2008. As you can see, more than 15 months passed between filming of 1Guy1Cup and actual upload on the internet. Most of this delay was caused by me being very busy as of late and also not knowing how to upload videos on the internet. However, I knew right after the incident that I will share this video for sure as I had believed a video like that would be very interesting for people.

    ####: Most men are extremely sensitive about foreign objects entering their anus. What made you like it? How would you describe the sensation?
    Alex: I decided to stretch my anus to the max many years ago. I wanted to be able to fist my own ass, which I eventually managed. The ability to stick your own fist up your rectum definitely offers a variety of sensations that you can’t experience otherwise. I must admit that the beginning were rather tough. Until your anal opening is stretched well enough, trying to force large objects through there induces vomiting. As you continue doing it, you eventually get used to it and don’t throw up anymore. Then it’s pure pleasure.

    ####: How old were you when you started inserting object in your anus? Do you remember your first time ever? How was it? What prompted you to do it?
    Alex: I started inserting objects in my anus when I was 27 – so about 12 years ago. Curiosity and the thirst for new sensations prompted me to do it. I don’t remember my first time. But I remember I had used 0.25l bottle of coke for a long time. I did it in the bath.

    ####: As for the 1guy1cup accident itself – how long did it take you to remove all shards of broken glass out of your anus?
    Alex: It wasn’t until the following day that I had most of the broken glass out of my ass. Still, one or two very small broken glass pieces are still in there. I can still feel them with my fingers but I can’t get them out anymore. Btw after publically available part of 1Guy1Cup video ended, I still had at least one half of the broken glass inside my ass. I went to the bathroom to pick it all up and that’s where I got the biggest piece – it had a capital letter L shape. Oh, and I wasn’t me who screams “noooo” at the end of the video. This was the editor from who added it there.

    ####: Did you go to see a doctor about it?
    Alex: No. I did not want anyone to question me about it.

    ####: You lost lots of blood when that jar glass exploded in your anus, wasn’t it concerning you?
    Alex: Yes, I almost fell unconscious due to blood loss. I could barely make it to the bed. Btw the incident was in the drawing-room of an apartment I had leased at the time, not in the kitchen. As former blood donor, I was able to put up with this type of blood loss and recover quite easily.

    ####: One question that absolutely everyone who’s seen 1Guy1Cup is asking – you have not made a simple peep when the glass shattered in your anus, how could you react to it so calmly and not ever curse one single time?
    Alex: I did curse, but only in my mind.

    ####: How long did it take for the area to fully heal?
    Alex: I don’t remember, about two weeks.

    ####: Did you have to take any special precautions to avoid bleeding in public, such as plugging your anus with cotton to soak up leaking blood?
    Alex: Yes, I used cotton.

    ####: Were you having troubles shitting after the incident?
    Alex: No, no trouble shitting whatsoever.

    ####: Did you have to adjust your diet in order to minimize bowel movement (aka minimize occurrences of having to use bathroom)?
    Alex: No, I continued eating as usual.

    ####: Many people who saw the video speculated that you may have actually liked the fact that the glass shattered and cut you within. Was it really the case?
    Alex: It was really an accident. It was unintended and gave me no pleasure.

    ####: The speculations say that you purposefully chose to sit on a glass object, rather than plastic to maximize the chances of an accident. Was your thinking something like that? Did it turn you on knowing that the glass could break and you could get into serious trouble?
    Alex: No, I have been inserting glass objects in my anus for years and never had any accident. I generally consider glass jars safe for insertions. However, I usually fill the jars up with water. In my opinion, water filled jars are less likely to break. This one time I have neglected this part and the results are what you had seen in the video. I applied pressure to the lid under an angle and neck of the jar cracked. Plastic bottle aren’t as much fun as glass jars. Glass jars are not as easy to insert and unlike plastic, the diameter of gass jars doesn’t change.

    ####: Was it painful? Getting cut inside must have caused a lot of pain. Describe the pain you went through.
    Alex: It was extremely painful. A truly horrific experience.

    ####: Has 1guy1cup accident made you limit insertions of glass object up your anus, or has it encouraged you?
    Alex: I continued to insert glass objects up my anus as normal. I no longer worry about accidents.

    ####: How long have you waited after the accident to insert an object in your anus again? Did you miss it?
    Alex: I’d waited for two months and resumed with small plastic bottle.

    ####: Has it ever occurred to you during the 1guy1cup incident that this would be it, that you’re done inserting stuff in your anus?
    Alex: No it hasn’t of course. This was the first time and I hope it won’t happen again.

    ####: What was the biggest object to date you have inserted up your anus?
    Alex: The biggest object used to me a glass jar that was 3,43 in (87,1 mm) in diameter. I haven’t exceeded myself until very recently and now I can insert a jar that’s 87,7 mm around.

    ####: You have filmed yourself on the video – who was the video intended for? Have you ever considered a career in porn?
    Alex: The video was intended for my personal home archive. I thought about career in porn when I was young but this was rather impossible in former Soviet Union.

    ####: When is the next video from 1guy1cup star coming to the net?
    Alex: You can see some of my other videos on and on but they aren’t famous. Videos titles “Finger 02” and “Tool 02” have not been seen by anyone but you. You are the only person I have forwarded them to.
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    dude is a freak.....
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    oh... this guy again. i saw this video under the name "Jar Squatter".
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    I had a witty comment........some day I'll spell it out
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    BRIK I'M DRUNNNK!!!!!!

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    I saw another one of his video's where he slide's A huge Screw Driver into his penis and when he pull's it back out it GUSHES blood all over!! This Dude is definitely one of A KIND!!!:thrust:
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    Not the same guy, iirc
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    I'm thinking he was able to rid himself of all of his hemmoroids with just that one broken jar.
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    In an interview he said it WAS him, where did you hear that it was not him, if I may ask?;)
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    Well........That's one way of getting rid of said problem! A tad bit EXTREME if you ask me!!:lulz:
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