Woman: raped/murdered

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    The body of a woman was found during the morning rush hour yesterday, Sunday August 28, in Santa Cruz do Capibaribe. The corpse was partially undressed in a wasteland in bairro Santa Tereza.
    Popular found the body and fired the Military Police immediately arrived at the scene.
    The Victim, 20 years old, known as "Ball", she was killed with refinement of cruelty, the assassin tried to kill the victim strangled with a cord, failing, played a piece of a concrete head of Manila victim who became unrecognizable.
    The way that the body of the young woman was found strong indications that she pinpoints was raped and killed in More then the thesis will only be confirmed after the award of the IML should be disclosed that in the coming days. "Ball" lately was residing in Toritama.
    the delegate Joao Lins of CVLI, is who is in front of the investigations.
    Source: rough News newspaper.





    [​IMG] sorry for the black box. its not my fault.



    lookin good for the camera
    [​IMG] and no murder scene is complete without the flip flops... probably the reason she couldn't outrun her assailant. :unreal:
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  2. Beastly man

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    Looks like they took her teeth out too!
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  3. i think that concrete pipe was dropped on her face.
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  4. Beastly man

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    Ouch even worst! :confused:
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  5. maleficent

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    Nice pix. The translation was amusing.
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  6. Honest One

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    yeah looks like there's blood on the side of it. he fucked her up!
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  7. Wayne Kerr

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  8. Wombat

    Wombat Surreal killer

    Rapists need to be raped and murdered.
    She's wearing the same shirt in her "alive" pic.
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  9. metanoiajb

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    that is just totally horrible, I will never understand how someone can do these things to anyone let alone a young girl.
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  10. rottenfresh

    rottenfresh ummmmm, You smell that?

    No toothpaste commercials in her future!! He left her there as mulch for the vegetation!!
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  11. FallenSentry

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    I want to out on a limb and say this happened in brazil.
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  12. flavitz

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    Nice hip... I bet she have a nice ass...or had a nice ass..
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  13. Imemine

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    I know. That's the very first thing I noticed:(. What are the odds? You know a conspiracy theorist would have a hay day with that!
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  14. FollowTheVoid

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    Holy shit her face is destroyed, poor girl. Was she killed in that place or was the body moved to that location ?
  15. Pixiedust

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    Such a beautiful young life taken away too soon. Did they catch the person or persons responsible?