Travis Alexander Crime Scene Photos – Murdered by Ex Girlfriend Jodi Arias

Discussion in 'Murder & Genocide Images' started by HARD HITTER, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Angelii

    Angelii Rookie

    and my psychologist say im a'' dangerous volatile psychopath '' iv only gone as far as tying up and slashing my bf's maybe an occasional burning and whipping but he loved it :sexface:
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  2. Carnivalee

    Carnivalee Ass is phat. Titties, bologna.

    It's embarrassing really.
  3. Why in the shower ? That's such a stupid place to do it.
  4. dyingfetus

    dyingfetus Lurker

  5. jeeplove420

    jeeplove420 NewbieX

    She must have snapped hard. Or she has no soul. He was decent looking. What a crazy bitch
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  6. squid

    squid Rookie

    Dead guys don't say no
  7. SuicidalSunshine Sheri

    SuicidalSunshine Sheri Twitter: @RelapseAnaWins

    14 it just me, or does anyone else notice that she is choking him in the picture of them on vacation... lol she couldn't wait to beat the hell out of him.
  8. i want fuck jodi in ass. mmmmmm
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  9. Mitzi777

    Mitzi777 Rookie

    Easy clean up
  10. KarmaSutra

    KarmaSutra Fresh Meat

    Dude's like, get that dick out of my face...

    Honestly, I think it was friends with benefits, and she couldn't stand the fact that he didn't want more...'nuff said.
  11. Dusco

    Dusco Lurker

    That was one evil cunt.
  12. Mitzi777

    Mitzi777 Rookie

    From what I gather, that's exactly what it was. She wasn't the girl he could see himself married to.
    There's this one Jodi arias support site. Disgusting the things that they say about Travis and his family.
    Can't wait for her sentencing. Hope she gets the death penalty.
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  13. KatyKat

    KatyKat CasketKitty

    Poor guy. Hung like a light switch. Killed by a vagina monster.
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  14. hecknatude

    hecknatude What the heck!

    She really did a number on this guy.
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  15. illegalaliencanadian

    illegalaliencanadian Much hated

    girl had a gross pussy and a really obvious loose looking asshole. shits gaping, probably doesnt even make a sound when she farts
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  16. Kenmerger675

    Kenmerger675 NewbieX

    Definitely. I can't recall ever seeing a woman in her twenties have her labia minor skin hanging like that. I'd have to think there was a distortion in the picture that makes the anus look so open. Finally, she appears to have breast implants.
  17. Ayahuazca

    Ayahuazca Rookie

    Dunno is the this timelapse was linked befour too much to read.. -.- Just delete it if its already here

    i think they got it right can´t be 100% of the first stab tho, personally i think she told him to close him eyes and gave him a heartbreaking delivery instead of a pussyflap sandwich while he was seen last unharmed sitting in the shower.
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  18. Ayahuazca

    Ayahuazca Rookie

    Also got some stabs in his back while crawling out of the shower CRYING JODI NOOOO! possibly to the back of his head also since she would be in a frenzy by then ^^ Maybe he gave her a haymaker while makeing his way to the sink to gurgle up some blood. Then the bitch (Jodi) resumed stabbing his guts and sholder makeing him crawl twoards the end of the hallway while being knifefucked in the back of his head and some more in the back :) ... its possible!
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