Kid Beheaded & Disemboweled

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    Kid Beheaded & Disemboweled

    27.02.2017 - India, In Quraishiyan locality in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh, India, a seven year old boy named Moonis was brutally decapitated and disemboweled. 26 year old Najeem is suspected of killing the child.

    Boy’s uncle Moeen claims he stumbled upon Najeem beheading Moonis, but when he tried to intervene, Najeem attacked him too. With the help of other villagers, they overpowered and detained the killer.
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  2. Mental Puppy

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    They should have killed the fucker not just detain him.
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  3. :brainhurts:
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  4. R a n d o m

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    Can you even kill anyone in India without getting caught? So many possible witnesses.
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  5. deviant2

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    Poor little man.
    That is an awful photo.
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  6. Moshie

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    Looks like he was trying to cook him. Sick man.
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  7. ememememe

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  8. _Xtina_

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    Poor little guy. Why would anyone do that- schizophrenic, maybe?
  9. Fantasic

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    Probably. It's very very rare for anyone not having a serious break with reality doing things like this.
    Especially since there doesn’t seem to have been any sexual aspects to the murder that would point to a pedo serial killer style situation.
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  10. Dead Memories

    Dead Memories hoo howdy

    the way he's posed sort of reminds me of how Jeffrey Dahmer posed his victims as well (minus the weird spinal-contorting part)
    i hope to god that they kill that fucker for what they did
  11. Silo

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    That's one sick puppy there. Skinned him like a bad winter coming.
  12. Ankit Saharan

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    he is not looking so playful now :-D :-D

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