GG video Chechclear - Beheading of Russian Soldier

Discussion in 'Murder' started by C_R, Jul 5, 2010.

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    88 mein kampf
  2. Hey Kanwulf, he is now call Ash, hehe or aka René. 14/88!
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    All of this videos are not longer existent, I found some others , I'll post the first one

    • FULL VERSION* Execution of 6 Russian conscripts in Dagestan (Part 5 of 5)

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    oops, wrong link?:lulz:
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    I've seen the full version also. I've seen every fucking execution/snuff video out there and A FULL version DOES EXIST. Where the fuck it went, I have no idea, but I downloaded it through KaZaA when that was around like ten years ago, and have NEVER been able to find IT OR ANY OF THE OTHER EXECUTIONS INCLUDED IN IT. It shows the young Russian being taunted first, then After his throat is cut, is shows d the entire duration of is death, along with the captors laughing, Finally they cut his head off all the way. After that, it cuts to a scene where a man is explaining to the camera that there were six in his group, names them and explains that he is the last one, then it cuts to the next scene where he's laying sideways with his head on a tree stump, then jumps forward where a man with an axe is hovering over him taking aim, then chops his head off with one quick blow. I wish people would quit debating this. I've SEEN It, so IT DOES EXIST!
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    4 pages of whining and not a single link for the full video. :facepalm:
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    Yeah, Youtube, if Youtube wasn't such a censoring piece of trash, making "stars" from nobodys, who sing songs that sound worse than a baby being crushed by a tap dancing 300lb man. BUT NONE-THE-LESS, loved the original video, those entertaining.:lulz:


    All of those posts and neither side can prove or disprove anything. :facepalm:
  9. It's faked. I am pretty sure the fact that "gore veterans" never saw it and that it never made it to the "big" shock sites is proof enough... besides the fact that everytime someone claims to have it, he don't post it and it's always a no name idiot that no one knows...


    I have seen the main stream one but I have not seen nor heard of anyone that has seen a longer version, doesn't much matter to me either.
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    up up up up up up up
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    its not war its snuff :4thelulz:
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    bestgore i saw it there .
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    How I wish that was legal here...
    Cheers to those boys, may their lives by short and end..gurgling, in this case
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    I'm not sure why I allowd myself to watch this.
    Hard to say why, since I didn't know exactly what it was showing.
    I sure didn't take pleasure in watching it.
    Perhaps the reason I did allow myself, is that this is *reality*, and thus I *should* know about it, therefore watch it.
    But I wouldn't go as far as saying "thanks for posting this"; as well as I won't blame anyone for posting it, either.
    It's true, though, that I feel somewhat heavier since watching this (this is heavy information to carry, mentally).

    As for God, this doesn't change my faith, since I don't believe that God can "do anything" (or "prevent anything").
    I don't believe God is omnipotent, since God gives very high importance to human's WILL.
    What I believe is that God can give courage; though I admit this is a small consolation in such horror.
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